Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flaws and All

"Why cant I look that?"
"I would be perfect I got this fixed."
"I wish my [fill in the blank] wasn't so [fill in the blank]"

       How many of us had said any these to themselves? Comparing ourselves to another person who is most likely doing the same exact thing that we are. I can admit that i have. We all have our insecurities that we keep buried inside. It can be a nose that we feel is too big or not being as thin as another girl. Sometimes we let those insecurities get the best of us and we really believe that if we got our so called flaws fixed that we would be happier. Staring at a picture of ourselves and picking out every imperfection that we can find. We are all guilty of it females and males. I use to envy all of the girls who had curvy figures. I wouldn't walk outside without putting on a full face of make up.Until i looked at the mirror one day and realized "Hey girl, you're beautiful!" I learned how to take compliments, something I didn't do before. No matter what I just didn't pay attention to what compliment a person would give me. The main problem was that I wasn't happy with who I was a whole. A person has to be happy within for that beauty to show on the outside.

           You might run into people who bring out your insecurities by pointing out your flaws. Don"t listen to them, because they truly are just some unhappy fools who need to cut down others to make themselves feel better. They are ugly on the inside which is the worst.  That one flaw that you dislike so much might be the most beautiful part about you. Self-Love is very important because even if you "fix" your flaw it wouldn't matter because you aren't happy with yourself. Our flaws make us who we are! Love yourself people!!!



  1. I've said that alot of times, but got over it and learned to love myself :)

    Nice blog sweety, i'm following!

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  2. Omg! @nicole you have made my day! Im super stocked you liked it! Yes please feature ne! You are a doll! :) :)