Sunday, December 5, 2010


Last night my best friend Kevin and I went to PACHA NYC NIGHT CLUB with a few friends. Sorry i can not post any pics of myself because i was dancing a bit too hard and i look gross haha.I am not a club person I'm the one who would actually enjoy hanging inside eating and watching movies over a night out, but I really enjoyed myself! I had a blast and danced a loooott. It was packed and we were downstairs in the beginning and then went to explore upstairs and got stuck up there -___- but it was cool because it was insane upstairs too! DJ KASKADE really brought the house down. The crowd lost it when he came out (including me)!! My ears are still ringing from the music! It was ammaaazziinng. There was a girl dancing in the shower and a trapeze artist dancing in the air. Non-stop dancing. I am most definitely looking forward to going next time.

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