Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flaws and All

"Why cant I look that?"
"I would be perfect I got this fixed."
"I wish my [fill in the blank] wasn't so [fill in the blank]"

       How many of us had said any these to themselves? Comparing ourselves to another person who is most likely doing the same exact thing that we are. I can admit that i have. We all have our insecurities that we keep buried inside. It can be a nose that we feel is too big or not being as thin as another girl. Sometimes we let those insecurities get the best of us and we really believe that if we got our so called flaws fixed that we would be happier. Staring at a picture of ourselves and picking out every imperfection that we can find. We are all guilty of it females and males. I use to envy all of the girls who had curvy figures. I wouldn't walk outside without putting on a full face of make up.Until i looked at the mirror one day and realized "Hey girl, you're beautiful!" I learned how to take compliments, something I didn't do before. No matter what I just didn't pay attention to what compliment a person would give me. The main problem was that I wasn't happy with who I was a whole. A person has to be happy within for that beauty to show on the outside.

           You might run into people who bring out your insecurities by pointing out your flaws. Don"t listen to them, because they truly are just some unhappy fools who need to cut down others to make themselves feel better. They are ugly on the inside which is the worst.  That one flaw that you dislike so much might be the most beautiful part about you. Self-Love is very important because even if you "fix" your flaw it wouldn't matter because you aren't happy with yourself. Our flaws make us who we are! Love yourself people!!!

Now I am no expert in this field. I do know a few couples who break up only to make up to break up again. Now I do know that this happens often in couples. No couple doesn't experience its own ups and downs, especially in today's world because things are so different especially dealing with the internet nowadays (but that is a whole other post). Ive experienced with breaking up to making up but not as a continuous habit. The couples that i know who just break up a lot are already in a non healthy relationship. If you break up all of the time, there is a reason for that. You only want to be back with that person because:
A. you arent ready to see them with anyone else don't want to get back in that dating world are comfortable with that person are scared of being lonely

         Now all of these options are perfectly understandable, because we all experience them, but it is also a bit selfish because you are not only keeping yourself from happiness but also your partner's happiness. You can still love and care about the person always but it does not mean that you are still meant to remain as FRIENDS and that does not mean hook up buddies who hang out!! NO NO NO. That can open up a whole other can of worms that can lead to even more issues.
         It is true that a break up can lead to an even more healthy relationship. I've not only played witness but experienced it myself. This means that the couple broke up, took their time apart, thought things out and took their time to get back together. Also that they are still working on their relationship when they reunited, and will not make breaking up a habit.

     I'm no relationship expert but experiencing certain things and witnessing others does give me a lot to go on. If you are continuing to breaking up with the same person then  you are telling yourself that it will never work out. Besides you do don't want to miss out  on someone who you can have a healthy lasting relationship with. ;)

Feel The Rhythm Photography

My really good friend Jessica is a photographer, (im pretty lucky to have friends who are talented in photography :]) when we hing out she brought her camera and we just took a few pics. She has a good eye and is currently putting her website together. I am pretty stocked about working more with her!


Last night my best friend Kevin and I went to PACHA NYC NIGHT CLUB with a few friends. Sorry i can not post any pics of myself because i was dancing a bit too hard and i look gross haha.I am not a club person I'm the one who would actually enjoy hanging inside eating and watching movies over a night out, but I really enjoyed myself! I had a blast and danced a loooott. It was packed and we were downstairs in the beginning and then went to explore upstairs and got stuck up there -___- but it was cool because it was insane upstairs too! DJ KASKADE really brought the house down. The crowd lost it when he came out (including me)!! My ears are still ringing from the music! It was ammaaazziinng. There was a girl dancing in the shower and a trapeze artist dancing in the air. Non-stop dancing. I am most definitely looking forward to going next time.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have been craving tacos for the past week, not Taco Bell tacos, im talking real authentic!

nothing but ass with no class

you wanna know what really grinds my gears? haha
evil mean girls.
1.girls who make up lies to just benefit themselves
2. girls who don't respect a person's relationship
3.girls who cut down others just to make themselves feel better (i use to fall victim to it..but i grew up and realized how evil it was, I'm not proud of it at all.)
4.girls who just simply have no respect at all.


my friend melanie did a photoshoot where she wanted to depict fairies. I was honored when she asked me to do this shoot with her. It was sooo much fun! i brought my friend karen along to do makeup and she was awesome btw! We did the shoot in this spot by a cemetery, sounds crazy i know but it wasn't actually inside of  the cemetery. It was a little area that looked like actual fairies lived was so beautiful and peaceful1 i swear i thought i was an actual fairy! Melanie is brilliant and did a great job with the shoot. Funny thing happened, a group of workers kind of enjoyed themselves a bit too much with staring at us. I guess we gave a show we didnt know about haha! Here are a few photos from the shoot!

Betty Rose Photography

im fortunate enough to have good friends with great talents and Ms. Melanie Rose Cascella is one of them. She has her own photography business and a catering business! This little lady does it all! I was very lucky enough to have her help me start my portfolio with two shoots! Not only is she talented but she is such a sweetheart and is wonderful to work with! Check out her wonderful work!
 im gonna include some of her work!


i have wanted to be a model for a very long time. i have even been lucky enough to do some modeling for local projects. check them out! A really good friend of mine Deshon has a clothing line with the cutest tshirts and leggings. he has alot on its way. His brand is certainly going up there. I had to get my hands on a few of them before he runs out!!!

hello world!

hello world! im tiera. this is my first blog ever!! lol

okay im very new to this and i have always wanted to start a blog, so im very nervous about this haha. Well I guess I should introduce myself! I'm Tiera and im 21 years old. I live in upstate New York. I'm a student at community college. I looovve fashion, music and makeup. I love everything actually (hence the name tieralovesyou haha). Art, animals, FOOD, people, fashion, movies, tv, books,EVERYTHING! Well in my blog im going to be writing about it all. whatever goes on in my day, things on my mind, a lot of rambling will be going on haha. I welcom all questions and will love for any comments. I hope you all enjoy!